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Client Services

Financial planning services. WATERS AND COMPANY develops customized computer models which allow clients to assess debt capacity, capital programs and funding sources. Clients also use our financial planning services to consider the long-term effect of potential changes to revenues and expenses, whether such changes relate to taxes, utility rates, proposed legislation or other circumstances. We propose solutions to problems and work with clients to monitor progress over time. Projections are summarized and presented as needed to meet the client’s internal and external requirements (rating agencies, investors, regulatory bodies and others).


Arbitrage rebate services. WATERS AND COMPANY prepares computations of arbitrage rebate liability in connection with tax-exempt financings, in accordance with federal tax law. We also monitor the spending of tax-exempt bond proceeds to determine whether the client is meeting federal spending exception guidelines. We prepare Form 8038-T when a payment is due, provide detailed filing instructions to the client and maintain required records. We also suggest improvements to clients’ tax-exempt financing programs, based on the projected impact of the arbitrage rebate regulations.


Financial advisory services. As financial advisor on debt issuance, WATERS AND COMPANY looks after the best interests of the client, assisting the client in the management of the transaction. Assistance may be provided in developing the financing structure, establishing and maintaining the financing schedule, coordinating the working group, preparing and reviewing financing documents, coordinating the rating process, negotiating financing terms and closing the transaction. We serve only as an independent financial advisor and do not underwrite securities.


Other client services. Other client services include financial analyses in connection with various client projects.





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